Highly accurate Information Security Testing

What We Do

We specialize in conducting highly accurate, safe, and reliable penetration tests to determine the risks posed to your business by Information Technology.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test can be part of a larger Information Security Risk Assessment or it can be a standalone, more focused test. We conduct all forms of penetration testing

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Continuous Penetration Testing

Lifeguard™ service is the industry-first continuous penetration testing platform and solution, providing a daily manual penetration testing on your dynamic external attack surface

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Vulnerability Assessments

Where a penetration test or risk assessment focuses on emulating specific threat actors and actions in order to seek out the resultant impact and risk, a vulnerability assessment does not.

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Social Engineering

Security testing wouldn't be complete without testing the human element. Using the same tactics as an attacker, we determine the risk posed to your IT systems by human error.

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Attackers test your defenses EVERY day! Shouldn't you?

Our Clients

Our experts are relied upon by Federal government agencies and commercial organizations spanning a number of industries.


Brennan Hay, IT Manager, NOAA

"Mark is a highly skilled penetration tester that has assisted us in exploitation of our more sensitive high impact Space/SCADA systems.  He has been able to conduct these exploitations without interfering with, or negatively impacting the operations of these sensitive systems."

Mike Echols, ISSM, Western Area Power Administration

"We have used Mark a number of times as a consultant to perform various security activities for many of our systems. I was stunned by Marks technical capabilities as well as his personality. He is truly great person to work with, excellent attitude and ability to solve problems and issues. His technical credibility goes far beyond anyone I have ever met. Mark truly has it all."

Corey Altheide, IT Security Specialist, National Nuclear Security Administration

"Mark Wolfgang is an expert penetration tester, as well as a consummate professional. Going above and beyond most pen testers who are happy to get into a system and leave a tag proving they were there, Mark ensures that the client understands the scope of the risk presented by his findings. This ensures the client receives full value for a penetration/security assessment engagement – and hopefully ensures the next assessment is a little bit more difficult for Mark."

Rich Pilock, CEO, ndtHost

"Shorebreak Security is our penetration testing team of choice. Every one of their staff members is a technical expert. We are always impressed with their expertise and ability to understand our company and communicate risk to our executives."

Marc Giguere, IT Director

"Whether it's a focused web application test or a comprehensive risk assessment looking holistically at our entire organization, Shorebreak Security always delivers. Great value and a great product. At the end of an engagement with Mark and his team, we are very confident that we know where are weakness are, and feel like we are able to prioritize and address them in short order."

About Shorebreak Security

We are a small business providing exceptionally high-quality, high-value Information Security consulting services.

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