Highly accurate Information Security Testing

About Us

Shorebreak Security

Shorebreak Security, Inc. was founded to provide exceptionally high-quality, high-value Information Security consulting services to government and commercial clients alike.

The field of Information Security is broad, and while many companies claim to be able to do it all, we will never make that claim.  We specialize in one area of Information Security – penetration testing. And when we say specialize, we mean it!  We won’t take on tasks that we don’t think we can handle for short-term profit, and we definitely will not fake our way through a task.

Hire us, and you can be sure that you will get true experts – professionals that are serious about their work and reputation.  We are a boutique Information Security consulting firm focused on our customers, our employees, our community, and our staff.

Our goal is not to become the biggest, we just want to be the best at what we do!

Corporate Philosophy

We recognize the fact that we are fortunate to be in business.

We appreciate each opportunity to solve your Information Security problem or to help you make sense of the insanely fast-paced Information Security environment.

Every opportunity we get to do a penetration test is an opportunity for us to fail or shine.  To provide exceptional value, or not.  We strive to provide exceptional value to each customer.  We want to leave each customer with the feeling that they learned something.  That the state of their security is better after we leave.  That they feel empowered with knowledge.

Corporate Pledges

1) We pledge to do our best

2) We pledge to be humble

3) We pledge to be good listeners

4) We pledge to act with integrity

5) We pledge to be honest

6) We pledge to be impartial

7) We pledge to be vendor agnostic

8) We pledge to be reliable

9) We pledge to be respectful

10) We pledge to give back

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