Highly accurate Information Security Testing

Vulnerability Assessment

Where a penetration test or risk assessment focuses on emulating specific threat actors and actions in order to seek out the resultant impact and risk, a vulnerability assessment does not.  For more differences, check The Difference Between a Vulnerability Assessment and a Penetration Test.

The goal of a vulnerability assessment is to identify potential vulnerabilities.  

Periodic vulnerability assessments are a very important component of an effective Information Security program.

One big advantage that a vulnerability assessment has when compared to a more in-depth Information Security engagement is cost and time.

Where a penetration test requires a team, a vulnerability assessment can often be done by one person and in a much shorter time frame.

What you get out of a vulnerability assessment

In a nutshell, you will know what needs attention right away.

You will have a prioritized list of things to fix.

You will have a path forward.

Our report can be customized in any way you need to meet compliance reporting standards.

We can also assist you in troubleshooting or establishing your own vulnerability scanning program.